Newborn Photography at Home Sessions

My "Newborn at Home" sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, so you don't have to rush out of the house with your precious new bundle. They also offer the flexibility to to include the whole family.


- A minimum of 2 hours of photography

- One free 8 x 10 print

- Digital copies of all images on a USB stick


From £149

When should you book your newborn photography session?

In order to guarantee availability, it is best to book your newborn session as early as possible. I recommend booking once you have had your 20 weeks scan. However if baby has already arrived that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to fit you in, so still get in touch to check availability.


How old should your baby be for his / her newborn session?

In order to capture those traditional, sleepy, curled up, newborn photos it is best to book your session to take place within the first 2 weeks after birth, however here’s a guide of roughly what you can expect at what age:

  • 0-2 weeks - traditional, sleepy, newborn images
  • Up to 4 weeks - a mixture of sleepy and wide eyed images
  • Up to 6 weeks - wide eyes, sleepy images cannot be guaranteed in a standard 2 hour session as babies tend to be more alert and awake.


What if baby does not arrive on his / her due date?

With only about 5% of babies arriving on their ‘due date’, us newborn photographers have to make allowances for this. That means that you simply need to keep me updated if baby arrives early, or if your due date approaches and there is still no sign, and I will do my best to arrange an alternative date.


How long does a newborn photography session last?

My newborn sessions last a minimum of 2 hours. This allows us to take things at baby’s pace, stopping to feed, change and settle whenever needed. A happy baby, means beautiful photographs to look back on.


Can I have some photographs with my newborn?

Yes, of course! As a mum myself, I know how rare it is that us parents are in front of the camera with our newborns in those early days and weeks, so let me capture those special moments for you*.


*Please be aware that although a standard 2 hour session is normally enough time to include up to 3 family members (e.g. mum, dad and one sibling), if your baby is unsettled for any reason on the day of the session OR if you wish to include more family members, more time may be required. I always allow time to extend after newborn sessions so this can always be decided upon on the day. Session extensions are charged at £30 per additional 30 minutes.



What to expect during your newborn photography session


What should my newborn wear?

If you would like some clothed images of your baby during the session, please have any sleepsuits or special outfits to hand on the day. I do not recommend dressing your baby in an outfit you would like them photographed in until we are ready to start as babies can very quickly dirty an outfit. I would also suggest no more than 2 different outfits during the session.


What should I wear?

If you would like to be in some of the images with your newborn, I recommend that you stick to clothing that is in plain, neutral colours. Patterns do not tend to photograph well and can take the focus off of the baby.


What if baby has an accident?

Babies wee, pooh and spit up… it’s a fact of life. So please do not worry about this happening. All props and blankets are washed in between sessions and i’ll have plenty of muslin cloths and wipes to hand. Due to the unpredictable nature of a newborn’s “bodily functions”, the naked shots are always done at the end of the session,everything can then be chucked straight in the wash. Please bare this in mind when selecting your own outfit. Should you wish to have images of yourself holding your naked baby, it may be wise to avoid any items of clothing that you do not want to get stained.


What props do you provide?

As a mobile photographer, I do have to limit the props I can carry with me to a certain extent, however items that I always travel with include:

        • Large posing bean bag with cushions
        • Wicker basket
        • Backdrop stand
        • Selection of blankets
        • Crocheted “cocoon” (think tiny knitted sleeping bag and then go “awwwwww”)
        • Selection of newborn size hats
        • Nappy covers / wraps


Can I include a special item in the photographs with my baby?

Of course. You are certainly not restricted to the props that I bring with me for your newborn session. If you would like to include items such as special blankets / soft toys, wedding rings, scan photos, photos of loved ones that are no longer with us, then please have these to hand on the day and I will do my best to ensure we include them.


How much room do you need?

A concern that is often expressed when booking a “Newborn at Home” session with me, is will there be enough space. Lucky for us, newborns are small and we therefore do not need a lot of room to carry out the session. I have visited clients in one bedroom flats and had no problem capturing beautiful images, both of the newborn on their own but also with family members. The most important thing that I need, is access to natural lighting from a window or door.


Choosing the right photographer for your newborn session:

Style: Not all newborn photographers are the same, so it is important that you find one whose style reflects your own. My own style for example is very natural. Other than placing the baby on his / her front, back or side, I rarely pose newborns. This is because I think they are beautiful in their own natural newborn “poses”.


Recommendations: To make sure that you are going to get what you paid for and not be let down, always check out the photographers reviews. These should be available on any of the following places; photographer’s website, Google, Facebook. If a photographer does not have any reviews available, there must be a reason for this.


What To Expect After Your Newborn Session

Once your session is over I will get to work sorting and editing your newborn images. These will be with you, on a beautifully packaged USB stick, within 3-4 weeks of your session date.

Don't worry though, I won't keep you in suspense for that long. I will send you a "Sneak Peek" image within 48 hours of your session to give you a taste of what's to come. This image can then be used for birth announcements or thank you cards too.